Organic Foods Hype or Health?

Hi, this is Dr. Farley. This week’s blog is about an article that came out by Dr. Robert Malone, MD, MS. It’s basically on well-being organic food and just talking about the benefits of organic food. The thing I find interesting is the further we move away from proper anatomy, physiology and biochemistry which is what the body requires to work properly, or not, is looking at proper function. The further we get away from the truth pretty soon we start thinking that things are normal. Some of the normal things right now is that 600,000 to 700,000 people a year die from cancer and heart disease. Who doesn’t have cancer, who didn’t have a heart attack? Autism is now 1 in every 30 people. It used to be 1 in 10,000 or 1 in 20,000. Depression, anxiety and bipolar is through the roof so the more we see these things the more common they become. The more common they become the more we just accept them. So, in this article he’s talking about the research that came out and whether buying organic is an important thing or not. I think the whole question is kind of ridiculous but we’ll go through it. Do we really have to consider whether putting poisons inside of us is good or bad? Do we really need a scientific study to tell us that organic is better and that you should invest in organic food because there’s no pesticides, herbicides and GMO in that food? Do we really need a study? The reason why we need a study is because the propaganda machine is pushing the food industry, the pharmaceuticals and the drugs. It just doesn’t stop! Soon people will have no concept of what’s real and what’s not real. We’re all walking around thinking we have bad genes, and yet the human genome project shows less than 5% of all disease are truly genetic. But, we believe this and what we believe is what our bodies will follow. There’s a study that came out in 2018 in JAMA (the Journal of the American Medical Association) that shows that eating a higher portion of organic foods is inversely associated with the overall risk of cancer, inversely associated in this case means that more organic food in the diet equals less cancer. People need to see studies like this. We have studies like this to show that putting toxins and poisons on your food is not good. There’s a very strong correlation between pesticide and herbicide use in various diseases. Another thing, people who can’t afford to eat organically what I would tell you is this…the most important organic foods that you should be getting would be your fruits and vegetables. There are services out there where you can find organic fruits and vegetables and they will drop a box off at your house. It’s not very expensive maybe $30 to $50 for the week. You will likely get more than your family can eat so I would start there. The other thing I would say is be cautious of this thing called Door Dash where people just drop off a bag of garbage for you from some store that you ordered. The garbage comes to your door and you pay $5 or something like that for the convenience of staying at home. It’s like a ghost. It’s as simple as you hear the doorbell, go outside and there’s a bag of garbage for you. I see this all the time down the shore, I watch what my kid’s friends are eating…its garbage, garbage, garbage and more garbage! Some kids never eat fruits and vegetables. Some adults never eat fruits and vegetables. Then the question is what are we getting when we get a Door Dash dropped off at your door from wherever? It’s got all this garbage in it because none of it is organic…none, zero, zip, zilch. You go out to dinner to many places and none of it is organic. So we are raising our risk of multiple diseases including cancer, autism and many other neurodegenerative diseases by eating this garbage on a regular basis. Does our system have the ability to manage some of these poisons coming in? Yes. But what happens is we overload the ability of the system to clear. How much poison do you want to sip? How much poison do you want your children sipping? Mine, none. What have studies shown about eating organically to avoid herbicides such as Roundup and other pesticides? Well, when there’s a higher frequency of organic food consumption, you have a decreased risk of cancer. Roundup exposure has been shown to have an increased risk of Parkinson’s and the death of neurons of the substantia nigra which can turn into tremors reward deficiency syndrome which can turn into depression, anxiety, bipolar, addiction, compulsive disorders and all kinds of things. Eating organic can influence all of that. Yes, it can! There’s also evidence indicating Roundup is a factor of elevated risk of autism because it damages the neurological system. Other studies have also shown that Roundup impacts synaptic transmission in animals and cellular studies the major mechanism of action appears to be oxidative stress accompanied by mitochondrial dysfunction. What does that mean? It means, that we normally produce fireballs called oxidants from normal working. When you have the non-organic food garbage, you produce more fireballs damaging inside the cell. The organelle inside the cell that gets the most damage is the mitochondria. So what happens when we can’t produce proper energy…the cells begins to die. Also, our genes will change and that’s how cancer risk goes up. It’s called metabolic cause of cancer. All disease goes up when we can’t produce energy from the cell that is the number one basic thing that cells require. If I have no energy, I’m going to do whatever I need to do. I will change my genes to survive the lack of energy and try to get energy from another mechanism. This is why we may be seeing a higher risk of cancers, makes total sense. That’s also why we see a major risk of all other diseases including neurological diseases and gastrointestinal. We also know that eating these foods, that are not organic, destroys the gut microbiome which destroys your overall health and majorly increases all other diseases across the board including nervous system dysfunction. As a subtopic of neurodegeneration, I tell everyone that depression, anxiety, bipolar, schizophrenia, sleep issues, mood disturbances are all signs of neurological dysfunction and many times early signs of neurodegeneration. These are not psychological problems for many people and this could be one of the mechanisms for that. It also indicates that there’s an increased risk of cancer and reproductive effects meaning infertility and not getting pregnant. They can have significant adverse effects on the brain and behavior and increased risk of at least some serious neurological diseases. There’s increased evidence showing that these pesticides and herbicides exhibit cytotoxic and genotoxic effects which damages your cell, damages your gene and it increases oxidative stress. It disrupts the estrogen pathway which means it can be involved with breast cancer for sure. All cycle changes in women which includes monthly cycles, PMS and menopause all that impairs some cerebral functions and it correlates with cancers. These pesticides nervous sides effects mess with your immune system and alter the compliment cascade phagocytic function, lymphocyte response and increases the production of pro-inflammatory cytokines in fish. In mammals, it also has cytotoxic and genotoxic effects, causes inflammation, effects your immune system and your lymphocytes, increases risk of thyroid cancer and it has detrimental effects on exposure to the brain and human health. Also, most cereal grains are loaded with this unless it says organic which includes all corn, soy and oats. The most prevalent increase in cancer is breast cancer. Well imagine that. The number one cause of cancer in women is breast cancer. Hmmm…and the most prevalent increase in cancer in these studies is breast cancer. In men prostate is the #1 cause of cancer. In these studies, the #1 cause of cancer is prostate. Wow! Skin cancer also goes up for this, colorectal cancer, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and 15 other lymphomas. High organic food scores were inversely associated with the overall risk of cancer. So, what does this all mean? You should be eating organic all the time. It just makes sense. When you get these foods delivered at your door from Door Dash, when you go to fast-food places and even other restaurants that you’re probably going to numerous times a week…you are not getting organic. You are getting pollution, chronic toxins coming into your body and your risk of all disease goes through the roof. Buying organic just makes sense. How much poison do you want to sip? Do you want your family sipping? Buy organic and look for places out there where you can buy organic. There are things that you can afford. One more thing, I also see people spend money on cars and going out to dinner and all kinds of stuff and then they say “I can’t buy organic”. Buy organic! It’s important. You want to remove these toxins and poisons from you and your family’s food sources. You must watch how many times you’re eating out, ordering from Door Dash, going out to restaurants and everything else because when you’re getting all of that, if it doesn’t say organic and trust me it never says organic, then you’re getting a much higher risk of all these diseases. If you have any questions, please let me know. Thank you, have a great day!

God bless you, God bless your family and God Bless America. Thanks.