Did you know that the cells that make up your stomach are completely new every 2-9 days?

In this video Dr. Farley discusses what healing really is.  Is healing just getting rid of the ache and pain, or is it something deeper than that?  Healing is the ability of our cells that are constantly turning over to produce better quality/more optimal cells.  When someone has a disease it means that their cells ability to turn over has been compromised.  This is caused by a high allostatic stress load that has been compiling inside of the person over the years from a variety of stressors.

Every system in the body and every organ inside each system is comprised of different cells that turn over at various rates.  In 80-100 days, 30 trillion cells will have been replenished – which is the equivalent to a new you.

When you begin to experience symptoms such as a tremor, it means you have 85% damage to the cells.  What you are experiencing is not a sleep problem or a stomach problem, it’s a health problem.  If all you do is manage the symptoms with a drug you will never get better.  You must address the stressors creating the functional problem to get the cells to turn over more optimally.

That is healing and that is the objective of what we are doing.  We do not treat the disease or the symptom.  Through the use of anatomy, physiology, and biochemistry we are able to influence the cell to work more efficiently.