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(Individual Results May Vary)

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  • How did you find our office? (Online, referral, etc.)
    I found out about the office through online. I was searching for a doctor that specialized in thyroid. I did not know who I was looking for but that’s when I found Dr. Farley.
  • How long have you been receiving treatment?
    I have been receiving treatment for three weeks now. I come to the office twice a week for treatment.
  • How long did it take for you to start seeing results?
    I started noting results within the first week of treatment. After my first treatment I noticed that I was sleeping a lot better. I was not having trouble falling asleep.
  • What are the top 3-5 things that have changed for the better? That you’re more positive about? (I.E. better sleep, stomach problems improved? Etc)
    There are a few things that have changed for me. I’m sleeping a lot better. I can sleep through the night without waking up. I am no longer losing hair. Before, my hair would fall out a lot, but now it feels
    healthier, stronger. I am no longer in pain. My body would ache for no reason, but now I don’t feel that anymore. I feel more energized, so I can help more around the house. Do the wife things. Also, before I
    used to throw up a lot. I would just randomly throw up. But now I don’t. I feel good. I feel better about myself.
  • How have these changed helped improve your life? (More time to spend with family & friends? Better work performance?)
    Now that I feel better I can take care or my husband instead of him taking care of me. I can also take more care of the house, cleaning. I also work for my husbands company. I am doing better at work, I can
    focus more and do a better job.
  • How is your outlook about your current health & your health in the future?
    I am more positive about my future. I feel better, I have more energy. I’ve lost 12 pounds too. I had to buy clothes because my clothes is too big on me now. I am happier.
  • Would you recommend our office to other people desperately seeking help? Why?
    Yes, I would recommend other to the office because of the improvement in myself. It works, so others should try it and see the results.

– Ewa J.

*Individual Results May Vary

Susan P. Testimonial – Thyroid

I found the office through an internet search. I was searching for some kind of different therapy. I don’t remember. I don’t think it was PEMF, but I’ve heard about some other kind of a therapy. Maybe it was brain based, something like that. And I was searching online to find a doctor that had these different kinds of therapies that I’ve had been starting to hear about. I was skeptical before coming here. I’m skeptical of everyone. Prior to coming here I had been to many doctors. I don’t know exactly how many, honestly. It’s been going on for eight years. For this only, I was on synthroid for my thyroid and Celebrex for my muscle tightness. I hadn’t really tried drugs, drugs. I’ve been receiving treatment here I think almost two months now. I started feeling results in my head the first week, one to two weeks, I started to have a little bit more clarity in my mind, a little of the fog had lifted the brain fog.

My mood is a lot better. My energy is a lot better. It’s not that it’s not normal still, but I can now go out at 8:00 in the evening where I could not do that before. And my weight, I have taken off about 10 pounds. My mood has completely changed, and just being more active and going out and my outlook is definitely a lot better. I was definitely moodier before I was grumpier before, so that’s definitely a change because that’s not really my personality. I’m faster too, with thinking.

I would recommend the office to everyone, I already recommended several people and I believe one person is now coming. I think Dr. Farley’s the real deal. After seeing and still seeing holistic, functional, a endocrine specialists, regular specialist, eastern, Western medicine, acupuncture, this is the only doctor that I’ve actually seen drastic results from.

*Individual Results May Vary

Hashimoto Conditions

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Lesean Edwards - Testimonial

Autoimmune Conditions

Balance and Walking


Chemotherapy Side Effects

Chronic Pain and Fatigue


Gastro-Intestinal Conditions

Parkinson’s/Movement Disorders

Robert L

Donna A

Donna A

Irwin R Parkinson

Cassandra S

Cassandra S

Ron P

Donna T. Testimonial – Parkinsons

I found out about Dr. Farley’s office by searching online. I am now on my fourth week of treatment. I started noticing results throughout my second and third week of treatment. I no longer feel as tired as I used to. I have more energy to sustain me through a long active day. I can focus more on what I am doing. I also sleep better, feel more rested. I have a better work performance, and better interaction with my colleagues. I am more patient, especially in frustrating situations. I have more stamina to handle the day.

As an RN with many years of experience working in traditional medical settings, I was very discouraged by how the traditional medical system looked at my symptoms (tremors) and did little fact finding, but immediately prescribed medication to treat me. I knew there were more issues going on with my health that were causing my symptoms, but the traditional medical system seems to look at symptoms like mine and isolates one, rather than fact find and look at the patient as a whole. You only get one specialist at a time treating you and they rarely talk to one another. I needed a more holistic approach to my health, one in which I was an active partner and not just a spectator. Traditional medicine had failed me, and was lumping me into the chronic illness barrel without even trying to understand why my symptoms were getting worse.

After three weeks my outlook is great. My tremors have significantly lightened, and I feel like I have found that holistic approach to my health and well being that I knew was out there and I knew I needed. I am optimistic that I will continue on this path that I am an active participant in and restore my health.

I would recommend this office to others who are interested in a more well rounded focused approach to their health restoration. It is not an easy road to take, however, one must be committed to this approach but the benefit of better health is well worth it.

*Individual Results May Vary

Peripheral Neuropathy

Other Conditions


Dr. Abdul Qadir, MD – Pakistan, 1987, MBBS, Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery.

This is a testimonial from Dr. Qadir who runs the Clinlabs Laboratory blood work, and has been working with our office since 2012. Please see below for a information on Clinlabs.

  • 1. The first question is, how does my testing, the expanded health panel, differ from other doctors offices?

    Your panel is very extensive, and covers almost all the detail of chemistry and complete hematology, vitamins, and minerals. I haven’t seen such a detailed testing, especially in the diagnosis thyroid disorder. A lot of physicians use a holistic approach, but they do not include every marker which you have in the expanded panel.

  • 2. How about the specialty tests that we run? What percentages of offices do you see running tests like that?

    I’ve noticed in your office that you run a specialty test on almost every one of your patients. Compared to you, other physician’s hardly do any. So maybe 10 percent, or less of other physicians run these specialty tests..

  • 3. You’ve also asked my patients that have gotten care here during follow up blood work how they’re doing because you want to know, can you share your experience in that?

    Yes, I try to ask almost everyone because you do the first blood work before they start their treatment and then you do it again at the end or the beginning of their second cycle. Almost everyone said that they feel much better and also noticed the huge difference in lab reports between the 1st and 2nd blood work.

  • 4. When you say almost everyone, give me a percentage.

    I would say 95 percent. Almost 100 percent have mentioned that they have lost weight and they’ve regained energy. Their symptoms have much subsided. Even with being here for their thyroid or as a Hashimoto’s patient, they feel pretty energetic. All their symptoms have subsided. I’ve noticed lately that you have a big number of Parkinson’s patients, and almost everyone of them has said that their tremors has improved.

  • 5. What percentage of people with Parkinson’s have told you that their tremors have improved?

    Seventy percent.

  • 6. Have you ever seen any other office doing the brain based care and the in office cellular energetic treatments that we do? Do you know anyone else putting that type of a program together?

    No, I haven’t seen. No other physicians do what you do, that I know of.

  • 7. If you wouldn’t mind comment on customer service and customer relations?

    The customer service is excellent.

  • 8. On a scale of one to 10, what would you give the customer service here?

    Ten. I would highly recommend your Neuro-Biomedicine program. It is unique, scientific, and provides excellent results for most of the patients I’ve been in contact with.

Clinlab provides leading-edge medical laboratory tests and services.

Recognized for our innovation, quality, and customer convenience, Clinlab delivers timely, accurate results for improved patient care. Clinlab is a pioneer in applying advances in medicine and science to laboratory testing, with more than 12 years of experience in serving physicians and their patients. Our 2,000 clients include physician offices, hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and managed care organizations.

About ClinLab

Clinlab is a full service lab certified to perform any test that you might request. Our staff is fully qualified and certified. Our lab is OSHA compliant for a safe lab environment. Our fully certified lab is certified by CLIA and the Missouri Department of Health. Clinlab adheres to the guideline and protocols recommended by the College of American Pathologists (CAP) and the American Association of Bioanalysts (AAB).

Neurobehavioral Conditions

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