Cellular Stress, Allostatic Load, and Brain Changes

Education is never ending and vital in thorough, comprehensive care.  I recently finished a paper on the subluxation complex written by chiropractor Dr. Joe Flesia.  From there I spiraled into a series of papers on the subluxation complex and related topics.  Out of those papers there is one that I want to go over.  This [...]

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Proper Cell Turnover is Healing

Did you know that the cells that make up your stomach are completely new every 2-9 days? In this video Dr. Farley discusses what healing really is.  Is healing just getting rid of the ache and pain, or is it something deeper than that?  Healing is the ability of our cells that are constantly turning [...]

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Cognitive Flexibility and Cognitive Inhabition

This video discusses cognitive flexibility and cognitive inhibition. Cognitive flexibility means that your brain has the ability to move, to not get stuck, to not be jammed, to not be hijacked by a thought, an emotion or a situation, leading to abnormal responses to situations. Cognitive flexibility starts in youth and can be developed. Cognitive [...]

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Memory and Neuroanatomy

This video describes the neuroanatomy of memory, how we create memories and how do we get and keep our memory. Dr. Farley describes how memory conditions like Alzheimer’s, Dementia happen, etc. It all comes down to proper function. When addressing issues regarding memory, you have to ask and consider your doctor’s philosophy. You have to [...]

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Our Responsibility and your Responsibility in Healing

What is Our Responsibility to you as a patient, and what is your responsibility as a patient? Many years ago, a doctor I hired as a consultant years ago said to me, “Your job is to provide the treatment. It is not to provide the outcome.” Our responsibility is: To measure your health with functional [...]

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The Stress Response Causes 95% of Diseases!!

Today we are focusing on the Allostatic Stress Load from the Four Types of Stress. Physical Chemical Mental-emotional Auto Suggestion One of the first places this was talked about a book by Nobel prize winning author Hans Selye who wrote “The Stress of Life,” in which he documents the stress response which is a Brain-Hormone [...]

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NP3 Stinking Thinking

Today we are going to talk about Different Stressors that can raise a person’s allostatic stress load. Of the different stressors that can raise a person’s allostatic stress load, lower their and create disease over time, there is: Physical Stress: falling down the stress, surgery, no exercise, too much exercise Chemical Stress: Foods, Environmental Issues, [...]

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Miracle of Magnesium

The more you understand normal physiology, you look at simple vitamins and minerals, and you realize that something as simple as a Magnesium deficiency can cause all kinds of problems. Magnesium is involved with over 600 processes such as energy production of the mitochondria, protein synthesis, carbohydrate metabolism, and synthesis of nucleic acid in DNA [...]

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Brain Plasticity is key to Mental and Physical Health

This week’s video discusses cortical remapping, as well as positive and negative neuroplasticity within your brain. In essence, your brain becomes whatever it receives on a regular basis. For things like learning a sport, or becoming proficient in new languages, this is considered positive plasticity, as your brain develops and learns new things. There’s nothing [...]

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Autoimmune Epidemic

In this week’s video, Dr. Farley discusses autoimmune disease. Autoimmune is a problem that affects more patients than cancer and heart disease combined, and it causes chronic irregularities within an afflicted person’s body. There are three stages to autoimmune disease, and symptoms begin at the second stage. However, autoimmune disease can be detected even at [...]

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The 10th Organ System Microbiome

This week’s video discusses the microbiome, your body’s tenth system. The microbiome resides within your gut, working symbiotically with your body. It is comprised of separate and distinct cells from your own, as it is made of bacteria largely living in your large intestine. Despite its separate origin, your brain can connect to the microbiome, [...]

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BDHA Omega 3 is Vital

In this video Dr. Farley discusses Omega Essential Fatty Acids, especially focusing on the effects of and consumption of Omega 3. Omega 3 is alpha linoleic acid, and it is a nutrient that comes entirely from diet and supplements. Although your body functions best if this nutrient is at a 1-1 ratio with another essential [...]

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Microbiome, Immunity, Health and Fecal Transplants

In this week’s video, Dr. Farley discusses an article from the Journal of Infectious Diseases, which talks about the state of microbiome science at the intersection of infectious disease and antimicrobial resistance. In summary, there is a connection between pathogens (bugs and germs) in your body, your microbiome, and your immune system’s ability to respond [...]

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Chaotic Healthcare vs True Healthcare

This week’s blog discusses Dr. Farley’s concepts of Chaotic and True Healthcare, which he describes as the difference between two different methods of taking care of your body’s systems. Chaotic Healthcare treats only the symptoms, using drugs that will reduce the adverse effects you feel but not fix the fundamental problem in your body. This [...]

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Do You Have Permanent Leaky Gut??

Have you had bloodwork done recently? Do you have bad skin? In this video Dr. Farley discusses Leaky Gut, Mucosal Immune Reactivity, and Dysbiosis, problems that should normally heal within 3 years but often persist for much longer. Leaky gut stems from barrier breakdown inside your body, and is often accompanied by problems in the [...]

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Parkinson’s and Proper Testing

In this video, Dr. Farley discusses Parkinson’s disease, and his philosophy on treating it. There is no cure to the disease, but like most mental illnesses, it stems from many multifactorial issues across a person's body and brain. Prior to being diagnosed, one might see symptoms like dysautonomia, depression, anxiety, sleep disturbances, and anemia, but [...]

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Fat Loss, Obesity- Self Disciplined, Life & Health

In this week’s blog, Dr. Farley discusses weight loss. Dr. Farley’s main emphasis is that weight loss will not make you healthy, you get healthy and you lose weight, health is the goal not the weight. Dr. Farley explains how following healthy routines and diets will help keep you at a comfortable weight because you [...]

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Physician Directed Nutrient Requirements

This video is directed towards people who are interested in, or perhaps already taking, vitamins and minerals. It is also for those who don’t necessarily know a lot about what they’re consuming, whether that applies to a supplement’s quality, content, or purpose. Too often medicine works to treat the symptoms of a disease, rather than [...]

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The 5 Branches of Our Immune System

In this video, Dr. Farley discusses the five different branches of the immune system. He explains how the number one epigenetic problem is sustained inflammation, which means the immune system is not functioning optimally. Over time, this creates many diseases, and it drives everyone’s health in the wrong direction. The first thing you must understand [...]

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Common Symptoms Of Neuroinflammation

Neuroinflammation is a serious problem that can manifest in many different ways. Here, Dr. Farley describes a list of indicators that suggest a person is at high risk of having neuroinflammation. These symptoms include brain fog, or difficulty in remembering things properly; inability to handle stimulation, such as issues with a crowded environment or loud [...]

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