What is Our Responsibility to you as a patient, and what is your responsibility as a patient?

Many years ago, a doctor I hired as a consultant years ago said to me, “Your job is to provide the treatment. It is not to provide the outcome.”

Our responsibility is:

  1. To measure your health with functional measurements that we take here in the office through expanded health panels, like saliva panels.
  2. Tracking them and looking at those to find functional deficits.
  3. Then we must identify what those functional deficits are. Usually these are Epigenic allogenic stressors creating an abnormal epigenic allogenic response.
  4. Identify those mechanisms and tell you what my best impression of what we need to do to restore function.
    • You need to know that some of those things are permanent.

      If you have neurodegeneration in the brain, the brain is not going to be perfect again. It does not mean that we can’t improve function. It doesn’t mean that we can’t do things to make you feel better. It just means that chronic neurodegeneration will only get to certain level.

      If you have autoimmune, it is a chronic condition. Some people have told me that “Well I saw on the internet that you can cure autoimmune. It’s not true. Even if your antibodies go down or go away, it doesn’t mean much. If you test positive for an autoimmune condition against your thyroid, or against your brain, it is a chronic condition that will not go away. Your job from that day forward is to modulate the immune system. I do that by brain-based care, cellular energetics, and lifestyle foods and nutrients.

  5. Then, lastly, is to apply the treatment.

Then God, and the intelligence Inside your system, heals and functions to whatever level it possibly can.

Our outcome is=91% of our patients will see positive improvements within 2 to 4 weeks.

Every day we hold office meetings, and we are constantly asking who is not responding and why are they not responding? That’s our responsibility.

Your responsibilities are to:

Show up, take your nutrients as required, and do what you need to do in terms of lifestyle modifications.

Under lifestyle modifications, one of the most important things is looking at a person’s mindset and whether they are running Chronic autosuggestion negative perception plasticity program or (NP3). Are you running these negative loops that will never let you get out of the chronic allostatic high stress load because your mindset keeps playing these NP3’s repeatedly in your mind? We are going to talk about this more in the coming weeks.

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