This video discusses cognitive flexibility and cognitive inhibition.

Cognitive flexibility means that your brain has the ability to move, to not get stuck, to not be jammed, to not be hijacked by a thought, an emotion or a situation, leading to abnormal responses to situations. Cognitive flexibility starts in youth and can be developed. Cognitive flexibility is the motor output back out from the input we take in. When we see anger, OCD, inflexibility, we can help shift these outcomes by viewing the brain by a functional perspective by inputting new information. This is a part of the functional approach we take, inputting new information into the brain.

The brain is dependent upon three things: proper activation, proper oxygen and proper nutrition. If these are off inside of you or your family, you may see cognitive issues that may be diagnosed as behavioral problems, ADHD, depression, anxiety, etc. People then talk about these outcomes, then offer a chemical solution that further takes the brain out of balance. Cognitive flexibility allows you to shift gears and have options that prevent you from being jammed up. If your emotions are set off, you need to take better care of yourself.

Cognitive inhibition is the way your brain thinks about problems. If you face a problem, think to yourself, “What are the different ways I can think about this?” What are the different ways I can get my brain to move? Can I inhibit chronic negativity, can I inhibit these thoughts, or can I have the ability to think about my goals and the solutions I need to accomplish them? This is true of focusing on one’s goals and also focusing on ‘so-called’ chronic diagnoses that people think they have for life from their environment or genetics, e.g. I have chronic ADHD, depression, etc. God did not make broken brains, they become out of balance because from what we are doing incorrectly.

A child’s brain is not fully developed until they are almost 30 years old. Parents, it is your responsibility to continue to have constant correction in regard to their stimuli. We can help you address the activation, oxygen and proper nutrition, AND what is the information people and their children are receiving on a constant basis.

You have the ability to control your negative thoughts and emotion to make the shift to a positive mode and we can help you get there. Kindly contact our office to learn more. Thank you for your time and God Bless you and your family.